Privacy/Terms of Use

Privacy/Terms of Use

Thank you for visiting the Brier & Hubbard, P.L.C. (“BH”) website. The following disclaimer & terms of use apply to parties who access or otherwise use the BH website (“users” or “you”).

Use of Website: Users of the BH website (“the website”) are granted permission to use the website for its intended purposes subject to these terms of use. Accessing the website constitutes acceptance of these terms.

Nature of Information: The information on this website is of a general nature only and does not constitute legal advice.

Disclaimer: Communications made to any firm personnel, whether through the website, by email, telephone or other means, will not by themselves create an attorney-client relationship, and any information in such communications may not be treated as confidential unless and until an attorney-client relationship is established.  There should be no expectation that an attorney-client relationship has been created unless you receive and accept written terms of engagement from a BH attorney.

Proprietary Rights: The website’s content (i.e., text, images, etc.), design, underlying code and other aspects are proprietary to BH and/or its licensors and vendors and protected by intellectual property laws including U.S. copyright laws. Users may view, print and download publicly available information on the website for the user’s own internal use. Users may not republish, use commercially, modify or excerpt any part of the website except to the extent express written permission is given by authorized BH personnel. The “Brier & Hubbard” name is a trademark of BH and may not be used in any manner, including use as meta tags or other hidden text, except to the extent express written permission is given by authorized BH personnel. Any permissions given by BH will be revocable by BH at any time.

Certain Restrictions: Data mining, harvesting and other forms of collection of email addresses, telephone numbers and other information from the BH website for marketing purposes or other commercial purposes is prohibited. BH reserves the right to disapprove any links to the website, in which event such links shall be immediately removed. BH may revoke permission to use all or any part of the website at any time in the sole discretion of BH. User’s permission to use the website shall automatically terminate in the event that user violates these terms.

Modification: The website and its content are subject to modification by BH from time to time. These terms of use are also subject to modification by BH from time to time. Accessing this website after any modification in these terms is posted constitutes acceptance of these terms as modified.